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Far East Reggae Cruise Information

What is Far East Reggae Cruise [JPN]

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For travel fees and other details
this Digital Pamphlet  Please confirm

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We have been playing reggae & dancehall music for over 30 years and one thing we realized is that music unites people no matter your age, gender or nationality. If you never been to Japan,

this is the perfect opportunity to visit and come onboard with us for the historical Far East Reggae Cruise which will be Mighty Crown’s final show before going on hiatus.

We will guaranty everybody that this cruise will be a once in a lifetime experience ! You already know that we do things on a different level ! Please be part of this history ! It a go maaaad !!

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■ Meals / 14 times on board (5 times in the morning, 4 times in the afternoon, and 5 times in the evening) ■ Tour conductors / We will not accompany you, but Japanese staff will take care of you on board. ■Minimum number of participants: 1 person ■Overnight stay on board ■On the day of boarding, please come to the designated meeting place and take the shuttle bus to Daikoku Wharf for check-in procedures. The designated meeting place will be announced in the final guide. *You cannot leave the ship after boarding.

Meals, accommodation and entertainments are all included in the fee. *Spa, casino, alcohol, and specialty restaurants are not included.

Entertainments on the sea by the artists, sounds and DJs Live shows by Japanese and International artists on the main deck and club events under the 80m LED ceiling will be held every night. Come and experience this extraordinary music cruise trip.

Dinner time specified plan

Additional charge:¥5,000

per person/for the whole day





*Times apply throughout the entire schedule. You cannot specify different time periods for each day.

*You cannot select the time for each session.







Dinner in the main dining room is three times a day (*1). Normally, dinner is served at a pre-assigned time slot, and you cannot choose the time slot. *Please let us know before the cancellation fee is incurred.

*1…MSC Yacht Club guests can have dinner at a private restaurant at a time of their choosing. ★There are multiple main dining rooms, but you cannot choose where to have dinner. Also, the start time is subject to change. ★Since the number of seats is limited in each section, we may not be able to meet your request.

Price List


Additional Charge: Service Charge US$12.5 per Night (Age under 3 are exempted)/ Port Tax (Paid in Advance)20,000 YEN (Age Under 2 are exempted)


●Passport is necessary to be on board.

Please prepare a passport which is valid for more than 6 months from the date of disembarkment.

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●Overseas Travel Insurance

Cruise Planet highly recommend the passengers to get the overseas travel insurance. For any inquiry please contact Cruise Planet.


●Need A Roommate?

The Far East Reggae Cruise is open to solo travelers, but we are looking for a roommate.Facebook social groupThere is If you are interested, please use it.

*Travel planning and execution: Cruise Planet Co., Ltd. / Ship company: MSC Cruises Co., Ltd. cannot take any responsibility. Please check in advance

What is cruise travel like? What should I do if I get sick... Answering questions and concerns for first-time users

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Booking Procedures



Please fill in the necessary information on the booking page on Far East Reggae Cruise website and pay the deposit within a week.


Necessary Information

Name and date of birth of all the passengers boarding

Type of Cabin

Address and phone number of the representative

*According to the regulation of the cruise company, a passport which is valid for more than 6 months from the date of disembarkment is required. *Please fill in with the exact name used in the passport, if not the reservation can be invalid. *For the passengers from abroad, please check with the embassy or consulate of the countries visiting during the trip regarding the visas.


Applicates Name and changing or correcting the name

Please fill in with the exact name used in the passport, If the name is misspelled, it will cost 10,000 JPY to reissue the ticket with the correct name.


Booking for children


Reservations are required for all children participating, regardless of age. Please be sure to make a reservation for the number of people including children. No co-sleeping.


Safety Protocol


There will be a security check similar to the ones in International Airport to enter the ship. Only the registered passengers are allowed to be on board. There will be an emergency drill for all the passengers. Cruise route will change depending on the latest weather for the safety. For COVID-19 countermeasures as of today (November 2023) a proof of vaccination or PCR negative certification is required but this is subject to change according to the Covid-19 Guideline set by the Japanese Government.


Does the ship sway a lot?


Does the ship sway a lot?

It all depends on the weather but usually will not sway that much. Computerized FIN STABILIZER on the ship will prevent from swaying side ways. But in case of unexpected  bad weather, the ship might and if you are worried about getting sea sick, it is recommended to bring a medicine or band to prevent motion sickness,


Is there any medical facility?


Minor injuries and sickness can be treated on the ship for a charge. For severe injuries such as bone fracture or the need of surgery, helicopter will take you to the nearest hospital. In this case large amount of fee will be charged, therefore getting an overseas travel insurance is highly recommended.

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It is the largest cruise ship in Japan with 12 dining rooms, 20 bars, 4 pool, a theater, a spa, a training gym, bowling alleys and a sports park.

Luxury Cruise Ship MSC Bellissima

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Spend your enjoyable time at the amusement park, F1 simulator, bowling, gym, spa and salon.



Enjoy the cruise tripe with exquisite, authentic dining options in 12 distinct venues, bars and café.



We only have one life to live, so let`s live our life to the fullest! It`s gonna be a movie!

Cabin Information


Amenities included in all cabin types

Wardrobe / Towels / Interactive TV / Telephone / Internet Access (for a fee) / Mini Bar / Safety Box / Hand and Body Soap / ZOE (The very first virtual cruise assistant exclusive to MSC Cruise.)

*All the beds in the cabins are double bed which can be converted into 2 twin beds. *There are types of cabin for guests with disabilities and reduced mobility. *Layout and size of the cabin mighty slightly differ even though they are in the same category *Size of the room does not include the size of the balcony *For the room with 3 or 4 guests, either sofa bed, pull out bed or bunk bed will be used. *There are some rooms where the view of the ocean might partially blocked by the outside facilities such as Tender Boat. Some balcony cabins uses metal balustrade instead of transparent balustrade which might cause poor visibility.

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